Landessa iced coffee for the first time in Macedonia !!!

100% natural product with milk from the Austrian Alps!

Landessa lacto free

Landessa coffee is:

  • delicious taste and high quality
  • nice, unique, eco-frindly package
  • lack of preservatives
  • fresh, natural ingeredients and full aseptic filling technology
  • best quality coffee extract (Arabica)
  • availability of three most popular flavours: caffe latte, vanilla I cappuccino

Landessa Ice Coffee is being prepared based on Arabica coffee beans. Arabica is a synonym of best quality coffee – delicate and charming in its chocolate taste. Landessa – mix of Arabica and fresh, creamy milk, unforgettable taste. Landessa Ice Coffee perfectly refreshes and energizes using its natural coffee power.

Ennstal Milch – the manufacturer of Landessa it is an organization established by farmers who run its cattle breeding on a traditional manner with no artificial fodder no GMO.

Landessa Ice Coffee is in one of the most enviroment – friendly packages. Raw materials for the productions comes mainly from renewable sources.

Landessa Lacto free!

Landessa lacto free


Ennstal Milch created a lactose-free iced coffee for gourmets under the brand Landessa.


Finest coffee from 100% Arabica beans and the best alpine milk are the ingredients of the coffee beverage.
The low fat content, the natural production methods without preservatives and in particular the lactose free provide a special taste experience.